Rhode Island

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Date of Statehood: May 29, 1790

Capital: Providence

Population: 1,052,567 (2010)

Size: 1,545 square miles

Nickname(s): Ocean State; Little Rhody; Plantation State; Smallest State; Land of Roger Williams; Southern Gateway of New England

Motto: Hope

Tree: Red Maple

Flower: Violet

Bird: Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Timeline
  • 1524 - Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano is the first European to visit Rhode Island.
  • 1614 - Dutch navigator Adriaen Block arrives and maps the coastline including Block Island.
  • 1636 - The first permanent settlement, Providence, is established by Roger Williams.
  • 1638 - Anne Hutchinson founds the city of Portsmouth.
  • 1644 - The colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation is established.
  • 1676 - King Philip's war between the colonists and the Indians comes to an end.
  • 1784 - Brown University is founded by John Brown.
  • 1772 - Providence residents attack and burn the British ship Gaspee.
  • 1776 - Rhode Island announced its independence from Britain.
  • 1790 - The U.S. Congress admits Rhode Island as the 13th state.
  • 1841 - Thomas Dorr leads a rebellion demanding the right to vote.
  • 1938 - A powerful hurricane hits the coastline and destroys many homes.

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