Delaware State Flag Gifts & Merchandise

Date of Statehood: December 7, 1787

Capital: Dover

Population: 897,934 (2010)

Size: 2,489 square miles

Nickname(s): The First State; The Diamond State; Blue Hen State; Small Wonder

Motto: Liberty and Independence

Tree: American Holly

Flower: Peach Blossom

Bird: Blue Hen

Delaware Timeline
  • 1609 - English explorer Henry Hudson visits the Delaware Bay and explores the coastline.
  • 1610 - Sir Samuel Argall names the Delaware Bay after Virginia governor Sir De La Warr.
  • 1631 - The first European settlement is built by the Dutch. They are wiped out within a year by Native Americans.
  • 1638 - The first permanent settlement, Fort Christina, is established by the Swedish. It will become the city of Wilmington.
  • 1655 - The Dutch take over from the Swedes.
  • 1664 - The British take over and Delaware becomes part of New York.
  • 1717 - The city of Dover is established.
  • 1776 - Delegate Caesar Rodney rides through the night to vote in favor of the Declaration of Independence.
  • 1777 - Dover becomes the capital city.
  • 1787 - Delaware becomes the 1st state.
  • 1802 - The DuPont Company is founded as a gunpowder mill.
  • 1865 - Slavery is ended in Delaware with the ratification of the 13th amendment.
  • 1969 - The second span of the Delaware Memorial Bridge opens.